‘Transforming Practice’ symposium

Institution :  IKA – Institute for Art and Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Location / Lieu : IKA, Vienna (FR)
Date : 14 Mars 2019
Theme / Thème :
Many students of architecture have seemingly become disillusioned with the notion of being an architect. The classical idea of working in hierarchical office–based practices, continually submitting applications to competitions, and having a career largely de ned from graduation, has somewhat lost its appeal to many young architects of today. This comes at a time, though, when these traditional processes are being challenged, subverted and abandoned for alternatives, internationally and in multiple ways. As we depart from the traditional notion of what architects can create, how they work, with whom they collaborate and what function their way work has, we invite an eclectic range of speakers to discuss their practice and philosophy. In order to deconstruct the architect, architectural education must also be deconstructed, and so, alongside lectures and keynotes, the programme will include workshops and seminars to discuss different approaches addressing the question: What is an architect today?
Guest speakers  / Invitées : dpr Barcelona, STORE CIC London, TXKL Paris + New South, Guerilla Architects Berlin, gangatelier, Gabu Heindl